I guess having just arrived safely home from a week at the snow with my family it is an appropriate time to share how we handle situations where food is taken out of our (my) control!

I’ve mentioned previously that over our 8 year journey Andrew and I have not suffered too much on the food/wine front!   We enjoy eating healthy food whenever we can but we also enjoy socialising and splurging every now and then – and I do truly believe that this is what has helped us in the long term.

When you embark on a lifestyle change, as we did, it is not a quick fix.  Yes the unwanted kilos should definitely and quite quickly start to shift (and stay away) if you clean up your nutrition and train efficiently, but it’s a change that you choose to make FOREVER so getting down in the dumps about falling off the wagon is something you have to stop doing!!!  Life is about balance – my father has always said ‘everything in moderation’!  Guilt will only work as a barrier against your goals.

Anyway, let me tell you, despite our best intentions, our trip to the snow was always going to be a tricky one to stay on track.  Thankfully our preference for good food leads us to choose healthy options without really thinking about it anymore, but there are times when you are on holidays that there just isn’t a healthy option!!!

It can be very frustrating when the only options for lunch are a greasy hamburger or pie and chips with gravy and you are STARVING because you have been hard at work skiing all morning!!!  Or you think you are choosing the healthy option at dinner only to discover that your salmon fillet is coated in a thick creamy sauce, which kind of completely defeats the purpose!!!   And I’m not going to even mention the fries that were served with every kids meal – not worth getting fat over but oh so hard to resist picking at …..  Sometimes you just have to suck it up and put it down to ‘holiday calories’ and not let it ruin your mood.  On a positive note, as I wolfed down the aforementioned greasy burger I actually couldn’t stomach the white bun after a couple of bites – interesting what our bodies get used to!!!  By the end of the week we discovered alternative lunch options such as a greek salad which we ordered with chicken breast – we felt better immediately!!!

Obviously, there are ways to avoid those holiday calories , we probably didn’t need to drink quite so much wine and we could have said no to the bread roll at dinner, but sometimes it’s just as good for you to put the regime on the backburner and enjoy spending quality time with your family without stress.  Stress plays a huge impact in weight retention – particularly around the tummy area so the less stress the better!!!

Andrew and I are lucky to have been on several holidays together since starting our weight loss journey. Each time, we inevitably put a little bit of weight back on, because we do let go of the reins a little (ok, a lot!), but the trick is to HOP STRAIGHT BACK ON THE WAGON the moment we get home!!!!

Last night we walked in the door at 5pm having been on the road with 3 kids 6 and under all day!  We were SHATTERED!  The easy option would have been to throw the kids in bed and order takeway – it was sooo tempting to just hit the couch without worrying about cooking dinner!  What actually happened was that I whipped up a shopping list, sent Andrew off to the supermarket while I started the immense task of unpacking and by 7.30 the kids were in bed and we sat down to a delicious meal of BBQ salmon, green salad and asparagus.  SOOOO much better!

Alarms were set for our tag team runs this morning, fridge is stocked with fresh fruit, veg, cooked chicken, hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese and yogurt and we are already feeling amazing!  It seriously does not take your body much time at all to get back into a routine it thrives on.  The holiday weight will hopefully melt away, and life goes on!!!

Life is too short to let holiday calories get you down!

I hope you enjoyed this post – Andrew really wanted to me to emphasise the importance of getting straight back on track.  If you did (enjoy the post!) don’t forget to get my blog straight into your inbox by clicking the ‘follow by email tab’ on this page!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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