I hope that you all had/are having a wonderful break and enjoyed yourselves over the holidays – if you celebrate Christmas I hope it was a lovely day!

Writing this blog has given me so much pleasure and I have been overwhelmed by the response I have received from so many of you!   I am so passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and am really enjoying sharing everything we’ve learnt on our very long journey.

I would love to hear from you as to what you would like to see next year at The Shrinking Hubby.  Would you like more recipes?  Sweet or savoury?  Exercise motivation?  Dietary tips?  More about Andrew’s journey?  Feel free to comment below (your comments always make my day!) or you can post on my wall at www.facebook.com/theshrinkinghubby or drop me an email at theshrinkinghubby.gmail.com and let me know how you are going and what you want to achieve for you or a loved one.

I  wish you and your family and friends a wonderful new years.  Don’t be too hard on yourselves if you over-indulged at this time of year – sometimes you have to just relax and enjoy life a little bit!  Don’t forget to keep exercising to make up for it and most importantly don’t let a few bad days ruin all your hard work – now is the time to get straight back on track and start getting excited for a great (and healthy) 2013 …   Now is the time to set some goals for next year – it REALLY makes a difference if you write them down (and even more so if you share them with a supportive friend/loved one).  Here’s to 2013 being a fabulous year for us all!



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