Quinoa – oh how I love this grain!  I had such positive feedback from my chicken quinoa recipe and multiple requests for this porridge so here it is!  (adapted from a Michelle Bridges recipe).

Breakfast is absolutely crucial if you want to lose weight and stay healthy and this is one of my favourite breakfasts – especially after a big training session…

Quinoa Porridge (serves 2)

What you will need:

1 cup quinoa

¼ cup craisins

¼ cup sultanas

¼ cup chopped walnuts

1 tbspoon chia seeds (optional)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 ½ cups milk

How to make it:

Bring 1 cup quinoa and 2 cups of water to the boil, lower heat and cover simmering for 10 minutes.

Add the walnuts, craisins, sultanas, vanilla and cinnamon and 1 cup of the milk and cook covered for another 5 minutes.

Stir through remaining milk and serve topped with fruit (e.g. banana, blueberries or strawberries)




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