The Story behind The Shrinking Hubby

The-shrinking-hubby-Before-afterWhen people meet Andrew, they are amazed to learn that he used to weigh over 150 kilos (330 pounds)! Through sheer hard work and determination, he has managed to lose 60 kilos (130 pounds). 10 years after we started embracing a healthy lifestyle, he is a father of 3 beautiful girls, he is fit, has loads of energy, can wear anything he wants and is a picture of health.
The weight did not come off quickly, and it certainly doesn’t stay off without a constant commitment to eating the right foods and training, however through hard work and consistency he has managed to completely turn his life around for the better.


In May 2011, Andrew had surgery to remove the excess skin around his tummy (called an abdominoplasty). Years of being overweight had affected the elasticity of his skin and he was not feeling comfortable. The results have been amazing and he has not looked back.
When we commenced our journey, we didn’t have kids, and three fussy eaters (one who has food intolerances) has certainly brought new challenges to our daily life. It is possible to achieve success with your kids and I share my tips for feeding fussy children and teaching them the best I can. I know that while they may turn their little noses up at a lot of what I put in front of them, when they are old enough to make their own lifestyle choices they will remember being brought up in a home where health is the number 1 priority.

The most important piece of advice to take away from what we have achieved is that this is not a ‘diet’. We are not depriving ourselves in the name of a healthy lifestyle. It is so important for anyone who struggles with their weight to understand that healthy eating is not about self- deprivation. We only get one life and there is no point in spending it on an emotional roller coaster of deprivation (depressing) and indulgence (guilt). Consistency and perseverance is the key. We eat well, train hard and most importantly indulge every now and then.

I get asked all the time how we did it. It has been a huge learning curve for both Andrew and myself and still definitely a work in progress. We have completely changed our whole attitude towards food and healthy eating. We both love good food and over the years I have created and discovered some absolutely delicious recipes which are full of excellent nutrients, are easy to prepare and taste great!
Feel free to share this blog with your friends – especially those who find it challenging to create healthy meals, or who have fussy kids! Keep an eye out for my E-book which I am currently writing.

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