In my opinion being organised and prepared is KEY to a healthy lifestyle so with this in mind, I thought I’d share a great tip for meals (and snacks) on the run.

I always try to incorporate some protein in every meal (including snacks.)  Protein is so helpful for weight loss and weight management!  We have been trained to think that if we don’t eat a good carbohydrate we will still be hungry, but it is protein that satisfies us and keeps us feeling  fuller for longer.  HOWEVER protein can be a tricky thing to incorporate in our busy schedules (it’s much easier to grab a piece of fruit or a packaged processed snack).  That’s why I make sure that we always have a supply of cooked chicken (bite sized pieces) in the fridge (or freezer) as it is a perfect and versatile protein to use.

I buy the Macro chicken stir fry strips, but chicken breast chopped up is just as good (always try for organic or free range chicken).  I season with a bit of salt, pepper and herbs (currently LOVING sumac!).  There are so many yummy spice blends on the market – check out the Herbies spice range!  Add a bit of garlic infused olive oil to a large pan and fry the chicken in batches until nice and brown.  (You can do 2 or even three packs at a time and freeze half if you are time poor during the week.)

Here are some great ways to use your chicken:

  1. It’s really yummy straight out of the pan on its own – a perfect snack!  ( a serve is about 100g) I like it with a squeeze of lemon or a sprinkling of chilli (great for the metabolism!)
  2. Chicken salad.  I mix some leafy greens (I love woolworths baby spinach and beetroot mix) with cucumber, capsicum, tomato, avocado, a tiny bit of feta and a sprinkling of chia or sunflower seeds.  Shake some olive oil and apple cider vinegar as a dressing.  Delicious!  Apple Cider vinegar (make sure you buy the Braggs brand with ‘The Mother’) is well researched for it’s medicinal properties.  It aids our digestion of food and helps with bloating.
  3. Chop up and add to an egg white omelette with some red onion, spinach leaves, capsicum and mushrooms and a tiny bit of feta cheese.
  4. Throw it in a veggie soup to add some protein.
  5. And one of my favourite meals – my quick and tasty

    Toasted Chicken and Cottage Cheese Breakfast Wrap

This is one of our favourite breakfasts but would also make a great lunch!!!

You will need:

1 mountain bread wrap (mountain bread is the best thing ever, hardly any calories, all natural and so versatile.  I like using the spelt version which is new as I don’t love eating wheat, but the rye ones are also good.)

A handful of your pre-cooked chicken pieces

A tablespoon of cottage cheese

A quarter of an avocado

A handful of salad mix (again I love the baby spinach and beetroot mix from woollies)

A small tomato sliced

(anything else you fancy – Andrew likes capsicum and a drizzle of pesto, I like mushrooms, you can also use smoked salmon if there is no chicken on hand etc etc …)

To prepare:

Spread the cottage cheese and avocado on the mountain bread.  (Be gentle as they are very thin and break easily).  I like to mash my avo and season with salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon.  Then add the other ingredients.


  Looking good (and so fresh no?) …

Finally, roll gently and toast for a few minutes in a sandwich toaster.


wrapcooked1And … Voila!!!!

It isn’t easy to eat with your hands so treat yourself to a knife and fork!
Such a great way to start the day!!!

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