The Shrinking Hubby on Studio 10 – Watch It Here!

The Shrinking Hubby on Studio 10 – Watch It Here!

Well, we have had such an exciting morning!  We were very lucky to have been invited to appear on Channel 10’s Studio 10 programme this morning with Ita Buttrose, Dicko and Sarah Harris.  Everyone was so lovely and attentive and we got to share Andrew’s incredible story about his 60 kg weight loss with so many people.  It was really fantastic!

You can watch the segment here:

Because of the success of the segment, my website couldn’t handle the traffic – which is why it looks a bit different at the moment!  But I appreciate your patience and wanted to let you know that if you want to purchase the book or eBook you can get your copy here:

As a special offer for studio 10 viewers I am offering free shipping (Australia-wide) using the code studio10 at the checkout!


For those who missed it I will post the link to the segment as soon as it comes to hand.

Thank you again for your patience, I hope you love my book as much as we do and wishing you all the very best in your own health journeys!


Alix and Andrew

The Shrinking Hubby’s Healthy Food We Love To Eat – Cookbook Now Available!

The Shrinking Hubby’s Healthy Food We Love To Eat – Cookbook Now Available!

Healthy Food We Love To Eat is my first cookbook and is the result of a decade of countless hours spent in the kitchen experimenting with recipes to support my husband Andrew in losing an enormous 60 kilos (130 pounds). Our whole family has permanently embraced a healthy lifestyle and this cookbook includes over 50 of our favourite recipes.


I am so proud of this book which has been beautifully designed and photographed.  It presents in a simple and easy to follow format for both Thermomix and non-Thermomix users alike.

All my recipes are gluten free, refined sugar free and many are dairy free.  The simplicity of the recipes will have you and your family enjoying delicious flavours and some of your favourite foods without feeling deprived – all while enjoying the added energy and vitality that better food choices bring.  Healthy Breakfasts, Vibrant Smoothies, Hearty Soups, My Favourite Salads, Healthy Meals for Lunch and Dinner and Sweet Treats provide something for everyone . . . click here to buy the book now and be inspired to get into the kitchen and start creating delicious meals that are perfect for you and your family!

As a very special offer for a limited time, I am offering free shipping throughout Australia. Just use the code MOTHERSDAY at the checkout.

Happy Cooking!

Love, Alix



It’s Not A Diet! It’s A Lifestyle Change – For Good!

Did anyone watch the Australian Biggest Loser Finale on Tuesday night?  The contestants blew me away with how much weight they had shed in only 4 months!!!  I am not taking away from anyone here, because you don’t lose that amount of weight without making big changes to your diet and lifestyle.  Anyone who watched what the contestants were subjected to by their trainers knows that they endured a lot of blood, sweat and tears.  So kudos to all of them for their efforts, they deserve to be very proud of themselves.  However, the big challenge for them will be to keep that weight off, indefinitely, because let’s face it, the very nature of radical diets means that they are doomed to fail.

Andrew and I get asked all the time ‘are you STILL on your diet?’ as if what we have achieved over the past eight years was only ever meant to be a temporary fix to knock off those extra (um like 60) kilos.  I can assure you, that although we often say no to unhealthy foods, we are definitely not on a diet!  What we have managed to achieve however, is a complete food and lifestyle overhaul.  We consider ourselves clean eaters in that we avoid processed foods and sugar but in saying that, we hardly deprive ourselves.  You have probably worked out by now that we eat really delicious food – a lot of it!  But we also let our hair down every now and again.  We are not the type of people who beat ourselves up (too much) if it is too difficult to eat clean when we are out or on holidays and we do enjoy a drink or 2  – just not with sugary mixers.  Life is short so we like to make the most of it!    What we have discovered  is that by turning our health around, we actually prefer good clean food and happily make healthy choices whenever possible, but again, that choice is not a deprivation, which is what a diet is really designed to do.

Traditional ‘diet’ foods substitute chemical sweeteners for sugar, and low fat rather than full fat, however these are not healthy foods.  If you don’t recognise something on the ingredient panel (i.e. because it is a number or specified chemical compound which ‘diet’ foods are full of) – your body isn’t going to recognise it either!  And I can guarantee that if your body doesn’t recognise it as food, your whole system is going to be confused as it tries to deal with its disposal.  This is where I have  a big problem with the way traditional diets treat all calories as equal – just because these chemical concoctions have little or no calories, does not make them a healthy choice.  In fact just the opposite!!!  I remember years ago being on the Weight Watchers diet where I happily drank a daily diet coke or 3, and indulged in artifically sweetened, low fat yoghurts and ice cream and was rewarded by the programme for doing so. So unhealthy!

And I should probably mention that when I met Andrew in 2001 he had just lost about 25 kilos with Jenny Craig, all of which he put on, with interest, over our early years together.  You can read more about his weight loss journey here.

Also most low fat versions of many foods have a higher sugar content to make them more palatable and there is so much information and research out there to show that it is sugar not fat that is our real enemy here.  Check out my blog post on good and bad fats here.

Since I started The Shrinking Hubby I have had the pleasure of meeting and chatting to so many people  who are following my blog or Facebook page and are genuinely benefiting from our story.  Whether they themselves struggle with their weight or their partner or child has this issue.  They all want to know how a 150 kg plus man had the discipline to lose 60 kilos through clean eating and exercise (without lap band or similar surgery) and kept it off!

I won’t lie to you, it hasn’t always been easy.  Andrew’s success is largely due to the support network he has (and still has).  Initially The Food Coach and myself, and then a lot of it was just me.  We also have a fantastic trainer, and a great network of people we train with which is very motivating (especially at 6am in the middle of winter!) But having said that, Andrew really needed to commit and it was he who made the decision to embark on this journey and make the changes.  He deserves most of the credit for the discipline that he continues to incorporate in his daily life.

You don’t get to 150 kilos simply because you have a love of chocolate or pizza.  It is deeper than that.  For many overweight people, food is much more than nutrition and enjoyment.  It is used as a tool to deal with other issues and it makes changing the diet and getting rid of unhealthy foods really difficult.  So it’s important to acknowledge the emotional side of being overweight as well as the diet and exercise front.

Of course initially, there was a lot of hard work to be done by Andrew.  His diet was pretty bad, there was a lot of binging on sugar, diet coke, alcohol, fried foods etc … but once we cut out a lot of that stuff, and once he started exercising and feeling really good about himself, he really enjoyed introducing fresh, healthy and new foods into his life.

When you eat well, exercise and generally look after your body the way it deserves to be treated, you reap wonderful benefits and your quality of life improves so much.  It’s more than just about your waistline (although that definitely is a pleasant side-effect), it is about that spring in your step and extra energy every day.  So, no, we are NOT on a diet – this is for life!!!

Andrew 2004

Andrew 2004

Andrew embracing a healthier life in 2013

Andrew embracing a healthier life in 2013

The Results Really Do Speak For Themselves …

I am so passionate about promoting healthy living because cleaning up our own diet and embracing a healthy lifestyle has had such an enormously positive influence on the quality of our lives.  However as vocal as I tend to be about this subject,  sometimes pictures can say so much more than I ever could.

Here are some photos I have found of Andrew from the beginning of our journey.  As you can see Andrew has come such a long way! (For those who aren’t familiar with our story you can read a bit about it here and here).

From this (2003 – 2005)…

This photo taken just after meeting The Food Coach – April 2005

To this (2011/2012)…

We are far from perfect when it comes to healthy eating but our consistency and determination has definitely paid off.    I think that the results speak for themselves – don’t you???



A bit of background …

I thought a bit of background might be a good idea before we move forward.

Andrew had struggled with his weight from early on in his life.  His memories of  his school years are of being overweight and unable to participate fully in most activities.  Unfortunately he was never able to lose the weight and was teased and bullied for most of his high school years.

Andrew and I met when we were in high school but it wasn’t until our mid 20’s that we met again and started dating.  When I bumped into Andrew again in 2001, I was blown away at how well he looked.  He told me he had recently lost about 25 kilos with Jenny Craig, I hadn’t seen him since school and he looked well and happy.  We hit it off immediately – after all he is an awesome guy!  You know how it goes – we got comfortable together, enjoying our food and wine a little too much, and the weight stacked back on … with interest….

Fast forward to our engagement and wedding in 2004 and he was weighing over 150 kilos … not good!

I tried everything to help Andrew lose the weight, but I also was struggling to keep my weight down – it was so hard and depressing.  We’d go to Weight Watchers meetings but wouldn’t make it through the next day without breaking the diet.  The only vegetable that Andrew would eat was iceberg lettuce – it was very frustrating!!!

I heard about a lady who called herself The Food Coach – her name is Judy Davie – and at the time, she specialised in a sort of personal training program with food for people who need to learn how to eat for health.  She was an amazing support system for Andrew and I and with her help over a couple of years we managed to clean up our act and in the meantime had 2 babies!!!  Gaby came a little later!

I will be telling you more about what Judy taught us in coming weeks.

You can find out more about The Food Coach here.

Here  and here are a couple of  articles on Judy’s website where Andrew discusses his journey in his own words – I hope that you find it as inspirational as I do!!!

Next time I’ll share what I cooked when The Food Coach recently popped in for a visit – we hadn’t seen her since before Andrew’s surgery –  and she was blown away with how well Andrew looked and how happy he is!!!  ….

Welcome To The Shrinking Hubby ….

Welcome to The Shrinking Hubby!  I have been looking forward to writing about our story and sharing my recipes and health motivation for such a long time and I hope that you will enjoy reading about Andrew’s inspirational journey.


 August 2011 at the snow – so much easier to ski when you are 60 kilos lighter!

When people meet Andrew they find it so hard to believe that at the time of our wedding in 2004 he was weighing over 150 kgs and they always want to know how he did it!


Our engagement party February 2004 ….


November 2004 – on our honeymoon

Now, 8 years later and a father of three beautiful girls, Andrew is a healthy 95 kilos!  He is one of the fittest people I know, has loads of energy, can wear anything he wants and is a picture of health.Andrew did not lose the weight quickly, it has been several years, however through hard work and consistency he has not only managed to lose over 60 kilos, but the weight has stayed off.In May last year Andrew had an operation to remove the excess skin around his tummy (an abdominoplasty) – years of being overweight had affected the elasticity of his skin and he was not feeling comfortable.  The results have been amazing and he hasn’t looked back!


June 2011 just after Andrew’s operation.

 Through my blog, I look forward to sharing our story with you – from when we met, how we struggled with our weight, and the sense of achievement when that weight started coming off – FOR GOOD!!!

I can’t wait to share so many tips and techniques and handy information that we have picked up along the way.

Most importantly, you have to understand that we are not on ‘a diet’!!!  We don’t feel like we are continually depriving ourselves in the name of a healthy lifestyle – this is so important for anyone who struggles with their weight because we only get one life and there is no point in spending it on a rollercoaster of deprivation (depressing) and indulgence (Guilt!)!!  Consistency is the key!!!  We both eat well, train very hard but most importantly indulge every now and then because it makes us happy!!!!

I get asked all the time how we did it.  It has been a huge learning curve for both Andrew and myself and is still definitely a work in progress.  We have completely changed our whole attitude towards food and healthy eating, we both love good food and over the years I have created and discovered some absolutely delicious recipes which are full of excellent nutrients and taste great and I want to share them with you!!

So please share this blog with your friends – especially those who find it challenging to enjoy clean eating, have a couple of kilos to lose or are interested in health.


May 2012 with our three girls Hannah (6), Samara (3) and Gaby (2)

I look forward to inspiring you all with Andrew’s story!!!

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